Winners! 1/2 finale Tremplin VSR @ Chat Noir

We had a wonderful time playing at Chat Noir, Carouge for the semi-finals of the Vernier Sur Rock Festival Tremplin! And winning did feel great of course;) Getting some recognition is always very much appreciated and we are looking forward to play for the finals on October 7th at l’Abri in Geneva! Yay!

photo by Eric Frachon – Show Media Live

Posted by FABE GRYPHIN on Saturday, April 29, 2017

Aftermovie VSR Tremplin 2017 | Demi-Finale #02

L'aftermovie de la 2ème demi-finale du tremplin!Bravo à FABE GRYPHIN qui remporte leur place en finale.félicitations également à Elephant Troop et Brize pour leurs supers concerts !video par Tremplin VSR 2017 – White Crow x Robber Joy x The Resistors

Posted by Vernier sur Rock VSR on Tuesday, May 2, 2017


It all started 2 years ago when I joined Francis and Adriano’s Jazz duo, known as Symbiosis, at their 2015 Cully Jazz gig for a couple songs. What a great feeling being back to this fantastic festival this year with the full band in front of such an amazing crowd! Thank you!

By Anne Gerzat

Posted by FABE GRYPHIN on Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Le Box, Carouge

We played our first gig in the Geneva area at Le Box, Carouge! Thanks to everyone who showed up! We’ll be back in Carouge on 28.04 for the Tremplin Vernier Sur Rock at Chat Noir!

Les Hivernales, Nyon

Always a great feeling to play at home in Nyon, especially at the awesome Les Hivernales Festival! There were amazing artists playing all over town so thank you so much to all those who came to support and show us some love!

Photo : Glenn Michel
Photo: Julien Sangouard

Photo : Glenn Michel

Point 11, Sion

We played our first gig in Valais, at Point 11 in Sion during the Carnival! The venue was located on the very street where the parade was happening so we got to enjoy the whole thing and played our set with lots of confetti in our hair and clothes in front of the best audience, half of them dressed up in costumes for the occasion. Thanks to the whole crew for their warm welcome, we had the greatest time and will definitely come back!