La Côte Interview

Thanks to La Côte for the Interview!

Zikunik Voice Workshop

My friends at Zikunik organized a workshop around vocals at the Sidewalk Café in Lausanne. I talked about how I use my pedal to create harmonies and other effects to give new dimensions to my vocals. Swiss Beatbox Champion Arthur Henry of Koqa Beatbox gave a really interesting workshop around BeatBox and his use of his loopstation. We both then performed at the Vinyl Club. It was my second time performing solo which is always a great challenge and a different way to express my music.

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Soundcheck avec Fabe Gryphin… Les showcases commencent bientôt!

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Bar King

Thanks to Boubou for welcoming us into his legendary Bar King for our first gig in Neuchâtel!

Vernier Sur Rock


A look back at our concert at Vernier Sur Rock 2017.

Fabe Gryphin

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Photo par Show Media Live

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Tremplin VSR Winners!

What a week! We won the Vernier sur Rock VSR Tremplin and we will be performing at the festival next week!!😎
Thanks a lot to the Jury and the whole VSR crew!! And big up to Dorothée and The Resistors for their great performance! It was really a close call!

Bravo à Fabe Gryphin remporte sa place sur la scène de VSR 2017 ! le soir de passage sera annoncé dans les prochains…

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The Music Video Contest

We won the Music Video Contest!!
Thanks to the votes and final decision by the Jury we get to make a video with the very talented Mei Fa Tan and to play at Les Hivernales Festival next year where the Video Premiere will take place. It feels amazing and we are so looking forward to this!

WINNER 🎉📽️🎬💡It hasn't been easy to us to choose only one candidate, we wish we could split our prize and reward more…

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A La Pointe de la Jonction

Second gig as an electro acoustic trio! Don’t worry btw the full band of 5 is still intact as well;) It’s just great experimenting and being able to play our songs in different ways and in various venues like an outdoor riverside bar in Geneva in front of people relaxing, swimming and sunbathing;) If you never been to la Pointe definitely try it out on a sunny afternoon!

Fabe Gryphin getting ready !!!

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Into the Yard – Live on a Rooftop

What an amazing time we had playing on a Rooftop in Lausanne! I don’t think we ever had the chance to perform in such an unusual and wonderful place in front of the sweetest people and we highly encourage any of you to go to the next Into the Yard sessions if you can! Big Love to Noa and the rest of the crew for the heart and passion they put in this dope project! Thanks to Olivier for welcoming us into his “yard”. And big up to Dorothée and her musicians for their great performance!

It was also our first time performing as a trio, revisiting our songs in an electro/acoustic way!

->Event Photos by Cédric Heckly